Terms & Conditions

Arts Live Terms & Conditions 2017-2018:


All participants must be members of Arts Live to join any groups. To become a member you must fill out and sign an enrolment form (these are available from the Arts/General Office and Reception at Garforth Academy) and return it to the address below or hand it in to reception. By signing the form you agree to these terms and conditions.


It is essential that you provide us with an email address that you check regularly. We will use email as the primary means of communication. If you do not use email please inform us and we will use regular postal communications.


You must notify us as soon as possible of any changes to the details provided on your enrolment form.




There are termly fees which differ depending on the group or groups you or your child attend. The termly fee guarantees 10 sessions per term (a session is a workshop, rehearsal or a performance). This applies to all groups unless stated otherwise.


We do not issue refunds if you miss a session. If a session is cancelled by Arts Live and this reduces the number of available sessions that term to below 10 we will reduce the termly fee proportionally. If you have already paid the full termly fee you can decide whether to have a cheque sent to you at the end of the term refunding the difference or we can reduce the next term’s fees by the same amount.


If you wish to cancel your membership/stop attending a group, 4 weeks notice before the date of the last session to be attended is required or full fees will be payable for that term.


Garforth Academy which runs Arts Live uses a cashless system and where possible we will use ParentPay to collect fees. If you are registered on the Garforth Academy ParentPay system you can only pay Arts Live fees via that system. If you are not registered on the Garforth Academy ParentPay system because the member is not a student at Garforth Academy then we will still accept cheques, which should be made payable to: “Garforth Academy”. Please also write the member’s name and the group(s) for which you are paying on the back of any cheques.


Payment of termly fees is due by the “payment due date” on each invoice. If the deadline is missed there will be a late payment charge of £5 plus statutory interest on the unpaid invoice. Your membership will be revoked and lessons suspended until the outstanding balance is paid in full.


Please send all payments and correspondence to: FAO: Arts Live Coordinator, Garforth Academy, Lidgett Lane, Garforth, LS25 1LJ