Fees & Enrolment

Fees & Enrolment

For new members an enrolment form must be filled out before you attend your first session and these are available from the Arts/General Office and Reception at Garforth Academy or you can download a copy here.

The group fees vary from project to project, but are between £30 and £50 per term for most groups. If the fees present an obstacle to you or your child taking part then please contact us to discuss the matter.

Payment of termly fees is due upon invoice, with a payment deadline typically two weeks after the date of issue. Please note that a specific payment deadline will be listed on each invoice issued.

If the member attends Garforth Academy, we can only accept payments via the member’s ParentPay account.

If the member does not attend Garforth Academy, then you can pay in cash directly to Arts Live staff, and we will still accept cheques payable to “Garforth Academy” until further notice. You can post cheques to ‘The Finance Office’ at the address below or you can drop them off in an envelope at reception during Arts Live or between 9am-3pm Mon-Fri. Please write your child’s name (or your name if you are the member), as well as the group(s) for which you are paying on the back of any cheques.

Please note that if you or your child attend multiple groups you will receive multiple email invoices – unfortunately we cannot combine all the fees on to one invoice with our current system.

Our terms and conditions include a late payment fee of £5 and statutory interest on all overdue payments. Please note receipts will not be issued unless specifically requested or unless cash is paid in person to Arts Live staff.

Please send all cheques and documents to:

FAO: Arts Live Coordinator, Arts/General Office
Garforth Academy
Lidgett Lane
LS25 1LJ

If you have any questions please contact us.